This website serves as a platform for my purpose work in the world, which, at present, has two primary facets: Music & exploring the evolution of consciousness, particularly as it pertains to cultural evolution.

For me, my musical life is merely a delivery system for something far more important: my love affair with life & the remembrance of the sacred within a modern culture that has forgotten what it means to be in a healthy & balanced relationship to the earth which sustains it.  

I didn't come here just to play music.  I came here to learn about Love & what it means to be alive in an animate world and to participate in its unfolding in a constructive, creative, and life enhancing way.  The materialistic, ego-centric culture I grew up in didn't teach me about any of these things.  The culture I grew up in taught me to be afraid & insecure & overly concerned about my own wants and needs, as if they were the only thing that mattered, as if my place in the world were somehow isolated from the whole.  I consider it my mission and purpose to take engaged action towards weaving a new story that honors all of life, to take responsibility for how I've participated (and still often do) in an old, broken paradigm, and to do my unique & profoundly important part in contributing to a life enhancing society.